Continuing the Building's Legacy

During the early 1900's, workers built and shipped large-scale ship sections for use by the U.S. Navy during World War II. Based on the significance of the building and the important role that it played in Colorado's history, the building is under consideration as a Historic building by the State of Colorado's historic preservation Officer.

Today, the building is home to the Mile High Station. The structure has been carefully renovated to preserve much of the original architectural features, including the old-brick exterior walls, "I-Beam" steel structure, and some of the original operational equipment. New features to the structure include an elevated mezzanine, kitchen, beautiful brick bar, custom chandeliers, large patio, plasma TV's, and in-house A/V system.


Quick Building Timeline

Mile High Station Ca

MIdwest Steel Came to Be

Street was called Larimer Ave and 4 buildings came to be.

Founded in 1893, the company was known for a time as the Jackson-Richter Iron Works. The company was one of the "oldest and largest metal fabricators" in Denver. The company built both structural and ornamental components for structures throughout Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

1897 - Building Origin
1923 - Midwest steel moved campus

Then the Steel Industry Collapsed

Old Larimer Street

The company's headquarters on Larimer Street in Denver includes an Art Deco office building and consists of a four-building complex that is itself considered a historic industrial site. The complex served as the company's headquarters from 1923 to 1983.

Ironworks and MHS as a late night bar

Denver Parties

The 1930 addition was a two-story Art Deco style brick 72 feet (22 m) by 35 feet (11 m) building designed by Denver architect Roland L. Linder. Made a perfect home for an Art Deco Bar that many in Denver remember as Ironworks.

1980's to 2000's
2000's to Today

Under new Ownership but same building story

Keeping both building's integrity

Today Ironworks and Mile High Station is home to Denver's finest event centers with hundreds of stories. The Ironworks complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. The listing included two contributing buildings on 2 acres.

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